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  • Colorful Glass Mezuzah

    A beautiful mezuzah showing the Holy City from an artistic perspective.Height 4.50''

    We recommend a 4''    scroll

    Colorful Glass Mezuzah
  • mezuza scroll -Klaf

    Parchment for Mezuzot 7 -cm ( 3 inches)

    The scroll—Klaf in Hebrew—is the most important part of the mezuzah. Without it, the mezuzah would just be an empty shell. The Klaf, as aforementioned, contains actual Judaic elements, while the mezuzah case itself is only the home for the Klaf. All Klafs must be handwritten by a Sofer, a scribe. Any photocopies or prints of Klafs do not suffice for this holy mitzvah.“And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your home, and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy, 6:9) These words allude to the holy Shema,

    mezuza scroll -Klaf
  • Lili Art menorha

    This beautiful Chanukah Menorah is designed by Lily Art. It features a slender design with a circular, Maroon colored base. It makes for an amazing Chanukah gift. MADE IN ISRAEL 12" (h) by 9 " (w)

    Lili Art menorha
  • Eshet Chail Rimon blessing

    This item is part of the Pomegranate blessings series – a collection of wall hangings in the shape of one of the symbols of the Holy Land – pomegranate – with individual designs and blessings.

    Eshet Chail Rimon - A  woman of valor design.This hand-made Pomegranate from wood with a polished finish is embedded with Swarovski crystals and hangs beautifully on a beaded string.

    Size: 5.5 X 4.5 inch

    Eshet Chail Rimon blessing
  • Presidential Rosenthal Menorah

     Presidential Rosenthal Menorah
  • Shofar Menorah

    Shofar Menorah
  • Dove of Peace menorah

    Dove of Peace menorah
  • Rimonim Mezuza

    This mezuza beautifuly designed  laser-cut pomegranates and the letter" shin "Plexiglass with Metal stainless steel  with red Swarovski crystals, L=5.5".x1.2"

    We recommend 5" scroll   


     Rimonim Mezuza
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