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  • Clef Rosenthal Menorah

    Clef Rosenthal Menorah
  • Wedding mezuza

    Beautiful mezuzah with the words, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" in both Hebrew and English The Broken Wedding Glass Collection is part of Gary Rosenthal's signature collection and makes a perfect wedding memento. The newly-married couple can place their own broken glass into the mezuzah and keep it as a reminder of that joyful moment under the chupah when the groom broke the glass and all the guests shouted "Mazel Tov!" The breaking of the glass is one of the most beloved traditions of the Jewish wedding ceremony. This mezuzah was designed by the Gary Rosenthal Collection in honor of this age-old custom. Multi-colored copper created from the heat of a torch is combined with the rich look of brass. Transparent glass graces the mezuzah face so that the broken shards can be seen. Size: 6.5" by 1.25" fits scorll 2.5" ( 7 cm)

    Wedding mezuza
  • mezuza scroll -Klaf

    Parchment for Mezuzot 7 -cm ( 3 inches)

    The scroll—Klaf in Hebrew—is the most important part of the mezuzah. Without it, the mezuzah would just be an empty shell. The Klaf, as aforementioned, contains actual Judaic elements, while the mezuzah case itself is only the home for the Klaf. All Klafs must be handwritten by a Sofer, a scribe. Any photocopies or prints of Klafs do not suffice for this holy mitzvah.“And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your home, and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy, 6:9) These words allude to the holy Shema,

    mezuza scroll -Klaf
  • 4 pc. Silverplate Havdalla Set

    A beautiful havdala set that is a great addition to any home, and will make a great gift to any young couple. The set includes a kiddush cup, spice box, and a havdala candle holder. (All items are silverplate )

    4 pc. Silverplate Havdalla Set
  • Gabrieli talit White & Blue Set

    This artistic Gabrieli hand woven silk talit features a vibrant blue band. The appealing aesthetic attributes of the talit are matched only by its religious significance, as the colors are symbolic of the state of Israel. size 20"x80" the talit set includs the matching talit bag and kippa * Call to find out if we have it in stock since all Gabrieli Talit are hand made, delivery time of 6-8 weeks if needed.
    Gabrieli talit White & Blue Set
  • Chanukah Menorah by Lily

    Chanukah Menorah by Lily
  • Musical menorha Musical note menorha by Gary Rosenthal This Menorah

    Musical menorha Musical note menorha by Gary Rosenthal This Menorah
  • Triangle Menorah

    Triangle Menorah
  • Extra Tall Elegant Traditional Menorah

    Extra Tall Elegant Traditional Menorah
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