• Shalom!

  • Jerusalem Mezuzah

    A beautiful mezuzah showing the Holy City from an artistic perspective.Height 4.50''

    We recommend a 4''    scroll

    Jerusalem Mezuzah
  • hand made wood mezuza

    This exotic and beautiful mezuzah is hand made in USA from natural woods by Ed Cohen.uniqe combination of light and dark wood creating a modern design and signed by the artist.

    • May vary in color as each mezuzah is crafted individually and hand-made

    (hold scroll 10-12 cm)

    hand made wood mezuza
  • mezuza scroll -Klaf

    Parchment for Mezuzot 7 -cm ( 3 inches)

    The scroll—Klaf in Hebrew—is the most important part of the mezuzah. Without it, the mezuzah would just be an empty shell. The Klaf, as aforementioned, contains actual Judaic elements, while the mezuzah case itself is only the home for the Klaf. All Klafs must be handwritten by a Sofer, a scribe. Any photocopies or prints of Klafs do not suffice for this holy mitzvah.“And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your home, and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy, 6:9) These words allude to the holy Shema,

    mezuza scroll -Klaf
  • Gary Rosenthal Broken Wedding Glass Collection Heart Mezuzah with Double Tube

    This beautifully handcrafted mezuzah is from Gary Rosenthal's broken wedding glass collection. This mezuzah has two tubes -- one holds a scroll and one holds the broken wedding glass. The couple is sure to treasure this special gift forever. In just a few minutes at home, you can reserve that special moment in time forever.

    We recommend a 3" scroll

    Gary Rosenthal Broken Wedding Glass Collection Heart Mezuzah with Double Tube
  • Sterling Heart with chain

    Thissterling silver heart pendant is truly beautiful. Made from sterling silver by Israeli craftsmen, it is truly a dazzling piece. It would make a great Hannukah gift! Approximately 1 inch by a 1/2 inch.
    Sterling Heart with chain
  • Happiness Blessings

    A central chai is surrounded by pomegranates, and a blue sky sparkling with stars of David. " You and I... in joy and happiness, in rejoicing, singing, delight and pleasure, in love and companionship, in peace and friendship without end." A wonderful birthday, engagement, or anniversary gift of love for friends, family or spouses. Available with Gold Frame and White Mat 18"X18"

     Happiness Blessings
  • Gabrieli talit White & Blue Set 20"

    This artistic Gabrieli hand woven silk talit features a vibrant blue band. The appealing aesthetic attributes of the talit are matched only by its religious significance, as the colors are symbolic of the state of Israel.

    size 20"x80"

    the talit set includs the matching talit bag and kippa

    * Call to find out if we have it in stock since all Gabrieli Talit are hand made, delivery time of 6-8 weeks if needed.

    Gabrieli talit White & Blue Set 20"
  • Shin mezuza Pendant

    This unique mezuza pendant was expertly crafted form 14 karat gold by Israeli artisans. It is centered by a brilliant Shin. ( Approx. 0.8 cm by 3.5 cm.)

    Shin  mezuza Pendant
  • 14K Gold Star w/ Love

    This enchanting star of David employs an original, innovative style. Expertly crafted form 14 karat gold, the star is an excellent gift for an anniversary. (Approx. 1.9 cm by 2.9 cm.)
    14K Gold Star w/ Love
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