• Shana Tova!

    Wishing you and those you love a New Year full of joy! A New Year that will bring you health, hope and new promises!

    !שנה טובה ומבורכת

    Shana Tova!
  • The Stone Edition Chumash

    A Classic in its own time...

    The Stone Edition Chumash
  • Aluminum Pomegranate Honey Dish

    Aluminum Pomegranate Honey Dish
  • Yemenite Shofar

    Our Yemenite shofars are made from the horns of the African Kudu, hand crafted in Israel, made specially to be blown every year at the time of the High Holidays. This shofar is approximately 31"-36". Color may vary between natural colors.

    Yemenite Shofar
  • Wooden Honey Dish

    This vibrant wooden dish is made by Emanuel, and is decorated with painted pomegranates and the Hebrew phrase "Shana Tova," meaning good year. It is best suited for storing honey or pomegranate seeds. 

    The piece has a clear and removable glass dish in the center for the honey or pomegranate seeds. As a creative touch, one could easily display apple slices around the dish.

    size: 8" wide X 2" high

    Wooden Honey Dish
  • The Jewish Calendar by Mickie 2017/5776

    A beautifully illustrated way to enter the new Jewish year! With stunning designs on each page, this calendar is sure to be an elegant addition to your home. It could also serve as a fantastic gift. 

    This calendar spans Elul 5776 through Tevet 5778, which corresponds to September 2017-December 2017.

    The Jewish Calendar by Mickie 2017/5776
  • Pomegranate House Blessing Plaque

    This beautiful golden-red plaque will be a blessing for any home and the unique pomegrante design will fill everyone around with anticipation for the wonderful holiday of Rosh HaShanah. 

    *Made out of Aluminum, Width- 3.25" and Length- 3.75"

    Pomegranate House Blessing Plaque
  • Blue & Silver Talit 24"

    Tradition is something that Jewish people take great pride in and this beautiful Talit gives us a visible reminder of God and His Laws. Along its collar is the prayer said before laying the Talit around ones shoulders. Elegantly done in white with broad stripes of deep blue.

    Blue & Silver Talit 24"
  • Gabrieli talit White & Blue Set 20"

    This artistic Gabrieli hand woven silk talit features a vibrant blue band. The appealing aesthetic attributes of the talit are matched only by its religious significance, as the colors are symbolic of the state of Israel.

    size 20"x80"

    the talit set includs the matching talit bag and kippa

    * Call to find out if we have it in stock since all Gabrieli Talit are hand made, delivery time of 6-8 weeks if needed.

    Gabrieli talit White & Blue Set 20"
  • Glass Rosh Hashana "Simanim" Plate- Pomegranates

    This stunning plate has indents for apples, dates, pomegranates, and other species important for the new year. Now, you will have no need for 10 dishes to display the species! Rather, use this all-encompassing piece to truly add elegance to your holiday table.

    Dimensions: 13" wide by 13" tall

    Glass Rosh Hashana "Simanim" Plate- Pomegranates
  • Silver Plated/Glass Apple and Honey Plate

    This beautiful dish is perfect for all your High Holiday needs. Shaped like an apple, the dish has Hebrew phrasing saying "Have a sweet new year," along with other Jewish symbols such as the Hamsa and dove.

    Dimensions: Approximately 9 inches wide

    Silver Plated/Glass Apple and Honey Plate
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