For millenia, Jews have been known as "The People of the Book", and with good reason. Since the days of our ancestor Ya'akov, who the Torah refers to as a "wholesome man, abiding in tents" (Genesis 25:27; an epithet alluding to his predilection for the study of scripture), we have been... Read More

attached to the Torah and Jewish learning more than anything besides for the Land of Israel. Although we were displaced from our homeland for thousands of years, we continued to maintain our connection to the Torah and its literature, which in essence has become a "portable inheritance" for the Jews. Now that we have reclaimed our ancestral inheritance of the Land of Israel, we still strive to live a lifestyle that is in accordance with the eternal principles of Torah, which we find throughout the extensive body of Jewish literature. We pride ourselves in having a selection that covers all of the bases of basic Jewish study, ranging from translated versions of all canonical works (with commentary) to English books that break down many of the Torah's commandments and back to illuminated children's books that will readily kindle the spark of passion for Jewish learning in any child. Despite this, we recognize that it is impossible to present a selection that would cover every region of the "sea of Torah," and readily invite any requests for specific books that are not to be found in our current collection. We wish you clarity of mind and stimulation of the heart in all your future studies.

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