Parchment for Mezuzot 7 -cm ( 3 inches)

“And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your home, and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy, 6:9) These words allude to the holy Shema, the prayer that Jews across the globe recite habitually. The entire Shema-it consists of three prayers- is written on a piece of parchment, and then placed into the mezuzah case of your choice. In sharp contrast to popular belief, Mezuzot need to be placed on every door except for bathroom doors, not just the front one.

The scroll—Klaf in Hebrew—is the most important part of the mezuzah. Without it, the mezuzah would just be an empty shell. The Klaf, as aforementioned, contains actual Judaic elements, while the mezuzah case itself is only the home for the Klaf. All Klafs must be handwritten by a Sofer, a scribe. Any photocopies or prints of Klafs do not suffice for this holy mitzvah.